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    Hello All!

    I am one of your pace group leaders, Christine or Chris. I respond to both and depending on my mood prefer both, so whichever rolls off your tongue more readily, I’ll respond.
    (I am typically in a neon jacket that converts to a vest)
    A few things about me: I am orignially form Albany, NY and have also lived in San Diego, Ca and Alexandria, Va before finding my way here.
    I have run 29 half marathons,
    21- 5ks,
    16 – 15ks ( my favorite distance)
    9- 10ks,
    5-Full Marathons
    and various other distances & relays over the past 12 years that I’ve been running.
    ( i keep an excel document with races & paces, I promise i didn’t spend too much time trying to recount all the races!)

    When I’m not working or running, I love to read (if you have any book recommendations, send them my way) garden, and talk about my dog. I look forward to getting to know ya’ll throughout the season.

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    Hi Christine – I just joined, and I was having a look around the website to see what was available. It doesn’t look like very many people are hitting this forum, but thought I’d take a moment and say hi 🙂

    I’m planning to run the St. George Marathon in October, and I’d like to finish in 4:30 – slow, but a good goal for me as I work my way back into running. I’ve done a few Ironmans, 70.30s, marathons, etc., but it has been a few years, so I’m getting my legs back under me.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know the group and to figure out how to put together a training plan for St. George. Do you know, are there people in the group who can help with that? I’m not entirely clear on what’s appropriate to ask for, and I don’t want to put anyone out.

    I’m also a big reader – if you are still looking for recommendations, I’d suggest: Educated (memoir), Euphoria (historical fiction), and the Overstory (fiction, nominated for a Mann Booker Award in 2018).



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    Hey Julie!

    As we get closer to fall season – David will help create a plan for you for the fall! His plans typically incorporate a series of skills – from more beginner to advance. i have found that I often use his ‘middle’ range. I’l lbe training for a fall Marathon as well. Looking forward to seeing you at a run soon!

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    Hi all –

    I’m soon to be new to the area, as in I will be moving the first week in June from D.C. for a job, I’m slow as heck, but I’m looking forward to jumping back into running. Any tips for a new person in Denver would also be great!

    For books I second Educated – I listed to it and it was amazing, I also recommend Good Omens, Circe, and Furiously Happy, which are a good mix of older and new books.


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    Welcome Katee! I hope your move went smoothly!

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    Hi everyone! Just a little about me – I started with Runners Edge middle of last (Winter/Spring) session. I’m training for the Marne Corps Marathon in October. I just started back running after taking quite a few years off, so I’m still super slow. I just ran my first Half Marathon a few weeks ago, and I averaged a 13:15 per mile pace. I finished just fine, and was a little surprised that I didn’t have any trouble doing this. I’m excited for this summer and fall’s running schedule to come out! I look forward to running with all of you and sharing our pain and our successes!!

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    Maria Milazzo

    Hi all!

    I just discovered this forum, so I’m sorry about that. I’m your other pace group leader, Maria. I’ve run a handful of half-marathons, a ton of 5 and 10ks, but I’ve never run a marathon. But I’ve been running with Runner’s Edge since August 2016.

    This year I’ll be running my first marathon with some other members of our pace group: It’s the Twin Cities Marathon. I’m looking forward to training this summer with you all.

    Here’s a little summary about me: I’m originally from Florida and moved to Denver in August 2016. I have a bearded labradoodle named Chloe who is my soulmate. I enjoy the outdoors, cooking and just interacting with people (I’m quite the extrovert).

    Just to let you know: I am completely deaf on my left side due to a benign brain tumor and resulting surgery I needed back in 2015 and 2016. I am very open about this, so if you have any questions about it, just feel free to ask me. But I think it’s important to note that I cannot hear when I’m running next to you if you are on my left side (and sometimes even if you are on my right). So please be patient with me sometimes, and if you are talking to me, and it doesn’t seem like I am listening, I probably didn’t hear you, as I am a pretty engaged and active listener. 🙂

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts or concerns. You can contact me at bareeuh@gmail.com.

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