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Train with us during our 10-week Winter Training Session, between November 5th and January 7th for full, half & ultra marathons, triathlons, 5-10K’s, or just to maintain and build your fitness base through the holidays in prep for 2017 spring races. Set the stage to make 2017 your best running year yet and have a blast with the team!

"   Runner's Edge has not only been a great training ground for me, it’s been a place to meet some fantastic friends with a common interest. I enjoy the strong sense of camaraderie among everyone, from the 4:30 marathoners to the 3:00 marathoners. I regularly swap advice on injury recovery, pacing, form, pre-race strategies, gear, you name it with other members. I can’t imagine going solo on my marathon training now that I’ve found Runners Edge!   "
- Ellen Bagnato, Member since November, 2007

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